Building a Sustainable Future

eTool was formed in 2010 by engineering uni mates Rich and Alex who knew that climate change was a problem worth solving and that they should give it their best shot. Over the last three years, they’ve worked hard, championed through full time jobs, late nights, weekends and holidays to get eTool and eTool LCA software ready, out there and being used by the guys that can really make a difference…you.

Since 2012, the eTool team has grown, adding more passionate and driven problem solvers into the mix and taking eTool LCA to global success.
For everyone involved in the team, it’s not just about building a sustainable future, but challenging the status quo, encouraging change and helping people understand how to reduce their impact on the environment.

Our Vision

At eTool we love solving problems.  Like global warming, to solve this one we’re starting with low carbon buildings…

Our Goals

We know that we’ve taken on a momentous task and that we might be at it a while, so we put together some key points that outline what our company stands for and where we are headed.

  • Provide eTool free of charge to maximise availability to all and thus enable dramatic reduction to Australian and Global CO2 emissions
  • Propagate the use of eTool as quickly and effectively as possible through education, training and marketing
  • Utilise profits to further fund other actions enhancing the quality of life for humanity in a sustainable fashion (like One percent for the Planet)
  • Practice business in a financially sustainable and ethical manner while providing a high quality work environment for all employees and sub-contractors

Going further than the triple bottom line approach, our Company Charter details how we operate as an organisation.


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