How We Operate – Our Company Charter

Our purpose is to advance society towards sustainability in a profitable manner.  We do this by:

  • Using excess profits to further advance global sustainability and equity in a non profit manner.
  • Taking responsibility for our actions as individuals and as a company. All owners and employees are expected to take an active role in managing the company ethically and successfully.
  • Earning the continued trust of employees, customers, suppliers and communities by being honest and open always.

We value…

  • Our employees. The company is its people. We will share our success with our employees. Our workplaces will enable and encourage healthy lifestyles.
  • The community. Our knowledge should be shared with the community at large. We look forward to educating society about sustainable lifestyle choices.
  • The environment. Our planet is far more than a resource base. It lifts our spirit. We will protect and enhance the environment through our activities.

We are successful when…

  • We contribute significantly to environmental conservation. In particular, reducing carbon emissions whilst global warming persists.
  • We walk the talk. Generally the means is the end. We will not compromise on our values to achieve our goals.
  • Society respects us, looks to us for leadership and uses our products and information to live more sustainably.
  • Our shareholders realise a fair return on their investment.
  • After our initial investment is realised, 80% of our profits are returned to non profit sustainability and equity organizations and projects.
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