Get the competitive edge

eTool Wave SmallFrom small residential developments to large scale urban redevelopment, we provide you with the tools to improve you designs to achieve genuine sustainability. Our methods are cost effective and comprehensive, enabling us to measure and reduce the total environmental footprint of your developments, whilst ensuring the best return on investment.

Whether you work with buyers, investors, local councils or governments, our life cycle assessment will help you meet the increasing demand for a greener product from an educated market. It’s the competitive edge you need to offer sustainability hand in hand with economic return and keep ahead of an evolving industry.

Understanding your investment

eTool Wave SmallUsing our LCA software, we look not only at the environmental and cost associated with the operation of a development, but also take into account the environmental cost of materials and construction as well the recurring maintenance of the development over its entire life.

With our team of consultants on hand, the assessment process is straight forward and sensitive to your timelines, with a rapid turn around time and meetings available online and face to face. With our robust analysis, reporting and certification process, you’ll also gain fantastic exposure and profile, demonstrating global leadership in sustainable design.