“Assessor Lite” is perfect for a smaller organisation working on a few jobs a year in the residential and light commercial sectors. Local architects, designers, small building companies and consultants will find this a great way to establish themselves as a provider of LCA services and a leader in sustainable design.

  • Benefits
  • Access to globally leading streamlined LCA software for the built environment. One training attendee and login per subscription.
  • “Certifications” to the value of $500.
  • World leading training in eTool LCA and full support through your first “real” project.
  • Limitations
  • A large water mark will appear on the reports with the words “Not for commercial use: Figures have not been validated, yet to be certified”.
  • Only online project support is provided after your first project.
  • World leading training in eTool LCA and full support through your first “real” project.
  • Subscription
  • Upfront $1,500 training package per organisation.
  • To achieve “Assessor Lite” accreditation an additional $500 of certifications per login must be obtained (total cost $2,000).
  • $1,500 per additional login.

Training and Support Details

Typically “Assessor Lite” training is conducted online over two half day sessions. During the training you will be working through a project of your own to a “certification” level to ensure you are really up to speed. Ongoing support will then be provided through your next project, as required, at mutually agreeable times to get it to “certification” level.  On completion of this second “certified” project you will be awarded “Assessor Lite” accreditation.

Depending on your location and attendee numbers we can arrange to deliver the training at your premises and or a mix of in-house and online for organisations with offices in different locations.

Green Star Professional and Australian Institute of Architects CPD points can be obtained for attendance. Please contact us to see if CPD points are available for your professional institute.

As an “Assessor Lite” you will be able to access great online support materials including videos, tutorials and user forums.


“Assessor Lite” accreditation is valid for twelve months from completion of training and certification modules. Each login/user is required to process a minimum of $1,000 ($AUD) of “Certifications” through eTool in order to maintain accreditation for the following twelve month period.

If an individual login/user doesn’t manage to process more than $1,000 ($AUD) of “Certifications” then they will be required to attend a “refresher” training session with a nominal fee of $800 ($AUD) to restore accreditation. Due to the rapid development and progression of the functionality of the software this “refresher” training session is considered a highly valuable exercise.

eTool Facilitation

eTool Facilitation is a great avenue for individuals or organisations who find they are too busy to conduct eTool LCA work themselves. eTool Facilitation allows you or your organisation to develop and facilitate projects while utilising eTool to conduct the work. Under this arrangement you will receive 10% of the total eTool consulting fee for development and facilitation.

See T&C’s for more details.

Note: all costs are in AUD, ex GST and other relevant taxes outside of Australia.